While I specialize in web design and development, I can also do logo designs, custom illustrations and various other print materials. Typically I will bill hourly for web development and a flat fee for all other work, but I am very flexible and I will work within your budget and project scope. Please contact me for specific rates and prices.

Services I offer include:

  • Website / UI Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Identity and Branding
    • Logo, Business cards, Branding strategies, stationery & letterhead
  • Flyers, postcards, brochures
  • Illustration for print and web
  • Web Banner Graphics and E-Newsletters
  • Package Design (CD/DVD cases)
  • Party and Wedding Invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Clothing Graphics
  • Tumblr and Twitter themes

My Web Design Process

Below is a general outline of how my web design process goes. Please keep in mind that this is a basic guideline and the process of each project varies based on the clients’ specific needs.



Before ink hits paper (so to speak), I take time to get to know the people and the company (band, group, etc) and/or the products and services they offer. Sometimes this is a phone call or a casual meeting with coffee. I’m very interested to learn about a clients’ vision and goals for projects.



I will write up a proposal that outlines the requirements and project details (such as deliverables). It will include time and cost estimates. During this time, I will assist the client in selecting a web-host.



Once we agree on a design direction, I will either design the site in browser or offer 2-3 design concepts for the clients’ approval. With the clients’ feedback the design will be refined until we are all satisfied.



When the design is finalized, I will begin developing the site. I develop all my sites on WordPress utilizing HTML5 and CSS3. This may change based on the requirements.

Set Up


After the design is approved and the development is complete, I will either hand the files over to the client or I will upload them myself.



After everything is completed and the client has signed off on a project, I will ask the them do to a quick review of the site to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

Other Services



Sometimes a client would like to send customers/fans an email newsletter. If this is the case, I will use Mailchimp for all clients’ e-newsletter needs. Mailchimp (like Dreamhost) also provides excellent customer service and a very easy interface. They offer several affordable and free plans.

Social Media


If a client needs social media, I will help them set up accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter, etc, and create graphics (if needed) for the various outlets.

For other types of projects such as print materials, the process is similar. However, the length and scope of these types of projects will vary.

Services I Don’t Offer

Nobody is good at everything and I am not exactly an experienced web developer. What that means is, I cannot do complex back end CMS systems (aside from WordPress), extensive JavaScript and Jquery development, Flash or e-commerce back end development. I know what I am capable of and what my limitations are. I will never promise you something that I cannot deliver. Luckily, I know some very good (and very nice) freelance developers whom I can recommend.

Interested? Contact me!